Services offered by the Cyprus News Agency

CNA, as Cyprus’ official News Agency, focuses on events in Cyprus and developments abroad that affect Cyprus or are of particular interest to the country, in various fields.

It has correspondents or associates in all cities of Cyprus, as well as in Brussels, Athens, Istanbul, London and New York.

CNA broadcasts daily news in Greek, English and Turkish to its subscribers in Cyprus and abroad. Its subscribers include daily and weekly newspapers, radio and television stations, international and national news agencies, international organisations, local public and private organisations, the Embassies and Press Offices of the Republic of Cyprus, foreign embassies and diplomatic missions in Cyprus, as well as the Cypriot and Greek expatriate communities and expatriate media (newspapers, radio and television) mainly in Britain, Australia, the USA and Canada.

It broadcasts news in four languages: Greek, Turkish, English, and Arabic. News in Greek and English are on a subscription basis, while Turkish and Arabic are available on the CNA website with free access. 

Through agreements with the Athens News Agency and the European Press Photo Agency, CNA offers its subscribers a wide selection of photos covering local and international news and events. CNA itself offers photos for news and events in Cyprus. 

It also has a video service and transmits news stories through social media.

CNA offers the Press Release Service, giving interested organisations the opportunity to distribute their announcements directly to the media and other subscribers of the Agency through the CNA website.

It also offers the Useful Information Service, with free information about theatres, pharmacies, doctors on duty, etc.

CNA, in collaboration with the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, offers news for the WAP service in mobile telephony, while, in collaboration with the University of Nicosia, it offers applications in mobile telephony (mobile applications).

CNA has a rich news archive, which is available to its subscribers through its website, both as reference and as a source of information. The frequent invocation of CNA news by journalists, columnists, analysts, politicians and others, reflects the validity of the information provided by CNA. All news and stories by CNA, in all the languages it broadcasts, are archived. Users can also refer to the annual reviews of events prepared by CNA and which are available to anyone, in open access, on the Agency's websites. CNA has also a rich photo archive, which includes photos concerning Cypriot current affairs (its own production, as well as that of the Press and Information Office), Greek current affairs, in collaboration with the ANA/MPA and international news, through subscription to the EPA (European Press Photo Agency).

Subscriber Registration

In case you wish to register as a subscriber of the CNA services, please fill out the  Subscriber Registration Form and send it signed to

For detailed information about the CNA services, how to register as a subscriber, and the amount of the subscription, please find the contact information below:

Tel. (+357) 22556001, Fax (+357) 22556100, E-mail: